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LTE Backup Keeps You Online

Always Available so You Stay Connected All The Time

Businesses experience an average of 14 hours of Internet downtime each year, costing billions in lost revenue and creating bad customer experiences. Most companies pay too much for a redundant solution, or don’t have a backup service at all.

Protect your business with our Wireless Broadband Service, which provides Internet backup on nationwide LTE networks at a fraction of your current costs. It’s fast, reliable, and delivered wirelessly. Our failover Internet solution allows you to realize substantial savings while protecting your business applications.

Access to Nationwide LTE Wireless Networks

Our coverage footprint includes the service areas for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. We check your physical location to determine the best two carriers for your office location(s).

Connectivity is the New Currency

No One Is Immune from Outages

Whether you are a retail store, doctor’s office or law firm, you need a backup Internet connection. From managing orders, checking email and handling voice and video traffic, a fast and reliable Internet connection is a critical business service. The best part – no contract! Now that just makes business sense!

Never Miss a Beat

Our Network Management Services ensure that the LTE Backup automatically kicks in if you lose your primary Internet connection. You won’t even notice the switch over. Since our LTE Backup is wireless, if there is any kind of cable cut or break, we keep you online, connected and working.

Network Management Services