Covoda Communications, Inc. (Covoda) is a full service telecommunications company providing an array of business and technology solutions including traditional local and long distance phone service, Hosted VoIP services, broadband Internet access, network management services and more.

Who Is Covoda

Covoda’s mission is to help you maximize your business by delivering customized voice and data solutions with exceptional, personalized support.

“Whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.” That’s our mantra and we strive to provide the best experience and service. Because it’s not about a phone or a feature, it’s about being a company that you truly enjoy working with.

We promise that your needs come first. Our recommendations and solutions will always be in your best interest.

Covoda Facts

Covoda’s name is derived from COnvergence of VOice and DAta
We have been providing Hosted VoIP services since 2003
Our employees are active in their local communities
Covoda is certified to provide VoIP services in all 50 states

“I can’t thank you and Mark enough for the smooth transition to our new phone system! You made the process incredibly easy from the paperwork process to the installation & training. The gals in the BNI Regional Office are thrilled with the tech support received this past Monday when they had a simple question. They were showered with guidance and the follow up has been great. I look forward to referring you to other BNI Members and my contacts. We love Covoda!!!!”

Brenda Curry, Executive Director, BNI Regional Office Rhode Island/SE Mass

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