Microsoft Teams

The adoption of team collaboration software has skyrocketed in 2021, with Microsoft Teams seeing significant growth. As of April 2021, Microsoft has reported over 250 million monthly active users. This is up over 90% from the year prior.

Our combination of features and simplicity makes us an easy choice if you’ve already invested in the Microsoft suite.

Covoda + Microsoft Teams + You

With Covoda, you get a unified communications and collaboration solution that integrates directly into the Microsoft Teams Portal which provides you with added features and functionality including:

  • contact center,
  • reporting,
  • real-time analytics,
  • mobility,
  • conferencing,
  • monitoring,
  • and more that aren’t available in the Teams platform.

Cloud Calling

Nextgen functionality that’s secure from from your mobile phone to your desktop phone and fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration with Shared Workspaces

Share quickly and securely from your screen or apps and collaborate in a shared workspace with a unified collaboration experience.

Meetings & Video Conferencing

Our scalable and secure HD video conferencing and meeting room empowers your team while incorporating cloud recordings.

Chat & Messaging

From 1:1 messaging to group chat you can share files in a private or public workspace and access conversations on any device.

Contact Center Suite

From expanded auto-attendant to reporting and additional channels with SMS queuing to real time monitoring & alerts.