Convergence of Voice and Data

Convergence of Voice and Data

Covoda Communications Inc. (Covoda) is a full-service telecommunications company who understands the importance of having the flexibility to work remotely  and seamlessly…. from your office to home and back again. Our solutions include enterprise-grade features, mobile applications, collaboration options that include screen sharing, videoconferencing, softphone applications and an easy-to-use portal.

Our parent wholesale company has been providing telecommunications solutions to businesses for over 25 years and Covoda understands that VoIP is the future of all communications. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of customer service mirrored by the latest technology available on the market, which is how the name Covoda came in to place, because it is the…COnvergence of VOice and DAta.

  • Covoda stands for the COnvergence of VOice and DAta

Our Mission

Covoda’s mission is to help you maximize your business by delivering customized voice and data solutions with exceptional, personalized support.

Our Philosophy

“Whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.” That’s our mantra and we strive to provide the best experience and service. Because it’s not about a phone or a feature, it’s about being a company that you truly enjoy working with.

Our Promise to You

We promise that your needs come first. Our recommendations and solutions will always be in your best interest.

Our Key Team Members

Shannon Nelson

Client Care

Mark Suto

Vice President

Nancy Suto

Director of Marketing

Russell Irwin

Technical Engineer

Roberto Valoy


Matthew Brunk

Technical Engineer