Video Conferencing

Making Meetings More Personal with Covoda’s Best-in-Class Video Conferencing

Collaborate Anywhere on Any Device

  • Share their screen, share just an App or file sharing.
  • Secure face-to-face meetings wherever you are.
  • Easily join or schedule video conferences with calendar integrations.
  • Replay or download your online meetings for on-demand viewing with a single click.

Brand Your Own

  • Effectively host large-scale events or webinars.
  • Brand your webinars, event invitations and registration site.

Flexible, Scalable and Cost Effective Solutions

Flexible, Scalable and Cost Effective Solutions

Create Your Virtual Office(s)!

Our cloud-based technology provides a virtual office environment that allows you and your team to work from anywhere. You save time and resources by managing users, locations and devices from one web-based platform.