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Our feature rich platform allows you to keep your same phone, fax and toll-free numbers. Covoda’s extensions allow for unlimited voice lines so your customers will never hear a busy signal and we can combine multi-location businesses all into one simple PBX.

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Consider asking your voice solutions provider these questions:

  1. Can I keep my business number?
  2. Will I get the features I need?
  3. What equipment will I need?
  4. What if I need more lines or extensions?
  5. What support is included?
  6. Can a single user have two phones?
  7. What if my office has 5 locations, will they all be supported?
  8. What if I move to a new town, will service still work?
  9. Do you have mobile solutions?
  10. How do you guarantee the quality of your service?


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As more companies switch to VoIP, Covoda takes the time to educate our customers and set up a system that is optimized for success. We evaluate all necessary aspects of your company and business environment to set up a communications system that is right for you.

Dropped calls and system downtime are unacceptable. You’ll receive today’s most innovative voice technology paired with first-class customer service.