Team Chat & Messaging

Collaborate Anywhere on Any Device

Chat in Public or Private Channels

Customize your channels by co-workers, departments, etc.

Sync Between Devices: Seamlessly transition throughout your day.

Status / Presence: Sync status and presence to show if someone is online and their status.

Launch Audio or Video Calls

With a single click from your chat.

Share Important Content: Collaborate through file sharing, share sentiment through emojis.

Seamlessly SMS: With External Participants from the same interface.

Keeping Our Customer Happy

“We are delighted with our new phone system and service. With our old system we constantly got complaints that members couldn’t reach us. We have found the move to Covoda Communications exceeded our expectations. specifically, the no busy signals, the call handling capabilities and the simplicity of installation have given us a much more positive image.”

Sheldon Dill, President

CT Chamber of Commerce

Cloud Calling

Nextgen functionality that’s secure from from your mobile phone to your desktop phone and fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration with Shared Workspaces

Share quickly and securely from your screen or apps and collaborate in a shared workspace with a unified collaboration experience.

Meetings & Video Conferencing

Our scalable and secure HD video conferencing and meeting room empowers your team while incorporating cloud recordings.

Chat & Messaging

From 1:1 messaging to group chat you can share files in a private or public workspace and access conversations on any device.

Contact Center Suite

From expanded auto-attendant to reporting and additional channels with SMS queuing to real time monitoring & alerts.