Network Management Services

We take complex network management, diagnostics and security tasks and place them in a simple, single-window solution.

SimpleWan Routers, Ubiquity APs and PoE Switches

Our solution is an easy to use cloud based service. Our small modular boxes (known as nodes) are deployed at all your locations with Internet access. Our platform creates a network of devices that allow you to manage and control your local and wide area network in real time via our cloud portal. The solution provides consistent, secure and high-quality connections to all your users, all the time.


Network outages and downtimes are a reality. Keep your phones ringing and computers connected with our LTE Backup service until your primary Internet connection is restored.

Voice Prioritization

Improve Your Call Quality

VoIP is the standard for business. Our nodes have built-in, proprietary technology that keeps your calls clear and jitter free. Even on low speed connections, we improve the overall quality of your calls. We can reserve a set amount of bandwidth when a call is placed, and release that bandwidth back into the network at the end of the call.

Content Filtering 

You often require different levels of filtering depending on the user. For compliance and security, our content filtering is available on a per user basis. Eliminate “bandwidth hogs” and restrict network access as needed. Our built-in security includes:

  • HIPAA Compliance – Active notifications when rules change. Audit reports included. 
  • PCI 3.0 Compliance – The highest level of security.
  • Breach Detection – Detects and notifies you of network spikes or abnormal activity.
  • Redundancies and Dual WAN ports – Provides automatic failover in 5 seconds.

Traffic Management

Our solution is designed around traffic management and the traffic flow required by many of today’s real-time services including VoIP, Video, Point of Sale and other real-time monitoring systems. Unfortunately, these systems don’t always properly communicate on congested networks. Our solution makes sure that all data related to these services are sent and received – even on congested networks – without any configuration.

Network Monitoring

Diagnostic tools are critical for network management. Most companies are unable to monitor or manage traffic to and from their network. Our advanced diagnostics are designed to handle real-time applications and include visual trace routes, MOS scores, latency, jitter, and a matrix style monitoring system. Detailed bandwidth graphs and historical reporting provide important information for effective troubleshooting.