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Virtual LANs (VLANs) Configuration

Implementing VLANs to deploy Covoda Voice provides several network benefits as it groups network users and devices that share common traits.

Benefits of VLAN Implementation

  • Network Segmentation: The network typically runs more efficiently, and some LAN issues will stay localized to VLANs.
  • QoS: Can have a unique configuration for a specific VLAN.
  • Policy-Based Routing: Unique policy-based routes can be configured differently on specific VLANs.
  • Gateway Routing: VLANs can be used to route VoIP traffic through the Covoda Voice Gateway.

VLAN Settings

There are three methods to assign a Covoda Voice Handset to the desired VLAN:

  1. CDP = Cisco Discovery Protocol
  2. LLDP = Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  3. Manual = Manually setting the VLAN ID on the handset

Note: Covoda provisions all Covoda Voice handsets with the manufacturer’s default VLAN settings. Most vendors have CDP and LLDP enabled by default.